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Sample of an Insurance Valuation Report

A properly prepared valuation report is a lot more than a few lines hand written on a piece of headed note paper. If done properly a valuation will allow an insurer to replace the item with something that is as close as possible to the original without long drawn out consultations with you.

Our valuation reports are made up of three elements.

  1. A covering letter, sometimes referred to as a letter of transmittal explaining the work that has been carried out, the factors affecting the value and any further advice that may be relevant.
  2. The valuation schedule itself. This will contain the detailed descriptions of the individual items of jewellery, their specific measurements, details of any gemstones and their assessed grades, details of any hallmarks, stamps or engravings and the method of manufacture. Each individual description is finished with our assessment of its replacement value.
  3. Notes to the schedule. This is a comprehensive document  listing the procedures employed in preparing the appraisal, its limitations and the abbreviations used and form part of the valuation document.