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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to have my jewellery valued?

1st is for wealth tax purpose. Networth purpose
Its essential you have your jewellery insured. House burglaries are on the rise and items stolen are rarely recovered. In order to have it insured you need it valued. Don’t forget, that engagement ring bought in New York will need a valuation in Euros before any insurance company will touch it. The insurance market is quite competitive too. If you decide to change your insurer you will need your valuation updated (in reality it should be updated at least every two years). So get this done before you call around looking for the best quote. Most valuations are undertaken for insurance replacement purposes, but there are a number of other reasons why you may seek a valuer's assistance in connection with a valuation. I also carry out valuations for probate, family division and estimates for post loss replacement.

Who should value my jewellery?

A valuation is an informed opinion based upon many years of experience allied to formal training in specialist areas of product knowledge. Valuations need to be undertaken today to the very highest standards. We believe our valuations stand up in comparison to any other professional working in the trade.Click here to see an example of our work. Also i had been working for as many as 10 banks & their Branches for more than 12 years plus also did many valuations for police stations & Anticorruption Bureau, this record shows how accurate & precise our work is.

Why do values vary?

Items of jewellery are valued differently for different purposes. You might wonder about the difference between the insurance value of an item and the amount you would get, as a private individual, if you chose to sell the piece. We do not value items for private sale as this can sometimes be construed as an offer to buy, and as I mentioned before, I'm not a retailer. If you're not sure what type of valuation you need call us on 91-9320771700,91-9321122656 and I'll be able to explain what type you need.

Will I need to give up my jewellery?

Not if we do it. You can visit me at our office at Vardhman Jewellers Andheri (W) Mumbai 400058 or we can travel to your home or place of work with all the equipment we need. we then carry out the valuation in front of you. Everything is measured, assessed, and valued on the spot. You will receive your valuation documents on the day or if further research is required they will be sent on within three working days. we never take a piece of jewellery away.

What do you value?

We can value any type of jewellery. We also value all types of watches. As its my field of expertise we value silverware also.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Cash, NEFT, Credit/ Debit card. We don't accept payment by cheque.

How do I get my jewellery insured?

Once the valuation is done the easiest way is to contact the supplier of your house contents insurance. More valuable items will need separate cover but your insurance company should be able to work out a package for you. If they can't my advice is to call Private Bankers & find out a broker who can.

Do you buy gold?

Yes If accompanied by vouchers Bill of Purchase to accertain its ownership.